Aarti Shellar, is a beautiful young girl who dreamed of becoming a teacher and was determined that every girl in her village should be educated. After falling ill and being diagnosed with cancer, Aarti went to Mumbai Tata Memorial Hospital for treatment.

For the first few days her family stayed in a distant relative’s house which proved a difficult time for everyone. During her time in hospital the family learnt about the St Judes Centre’s. Thankfully, after ten days the family were accepted into a unit, which provided both a hygienic and safe environment to recuperate in and compassionate care from staff.

Aarti found her treatment very harrowing and refused to continue, however after being counseled by staff at St Jude, she continued.  Aarti made friends during her time in the centre and participated in all the activities on offer. Whilst at St Judes, Aarti’s mother was taught to weave baskets and she then taught Aarti, who loved the activity and used her free time to weave her own baskets.  

On asking Aarti what she plans to do when she gets home, she said, “I will go to school and after school teach basket making to my friends and their mothers. I want to make everyone around independent so that if something like this happens to them, they are strong enough to handle it.”

Aarti and her mother stayed in the centre and completed her treatment in a safe and hygienic environment, surrounded by the loving support from the staff at the St Jude centre.